Oils and more

Silkolene, Castrol, Motul, Rock oil, ACF50, Scottoil, Hi Rev, GT85..

Here at Bikerdean, we supply oils and lubricants to suit most makes and models at very very competitive prices. In many cases our products are listed at less than the manufacturer’s retail prices. Whether you want budget oil for a commuter or posh synthetic oils for your pride and joy we can help.

We keep in stock a selection of Silkolene, Motul, Hi Rev, Rock oil, Castrol oil, Scottoil, ACF50, GT85, plus much more. Four stroke engine oils, two stroke oils, fork oils, gear oils, brake fluids, chain lubes, chain cleaners, brake cleaners, coolants, carb cleaners, fuel additives, degreasers, oil cleaners, silicon sprays, all the things you need to keep your bike in tip top shape.

Below are some examples of the products we have in stock

We stock a selection of Motul lubricants, including 10w40, 15w50, 20w50, chainlubes etc.
The full Motul range is available on request

We keep the most common used products on the shelf. Any non stock products can be supplied in most cases overnight. Please contact us with your requirements.

Contact us on 01594 833837 or via sales@bikerdean.co.uk